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1. Introduction

CVFDesign is a personal website, but we thought that you should now how we handle our data.
This policy aims to describe how this web site operates with regard to the processing, in compliance with applicable Privacy and Personal Data Protection Regulations, of the personal data of users/visitors who access the site.
In accordance with applicable laws and regulations, CVFDesign intends to guarantee the privacy and personal data security of each visitor, also in relation to Internet access made from abroad, in compliance with the requirements of this policy.
Unless otherwise stated, this policy is intended to apply also as an information notice for those using the services offered by the web site.
Detailed information notices about personal data processing is provided, when necessary, in the pages regarding the various services offered. These information notices are intended to set out the limits and methods of personal data processing for each service. The visitor can use them freely to grant consent and authorise the collection of data and its subsequent utilisation.
It should be noted that this privacy policy relates to this web site and not to any other web sites the user might visit by following links.

2. Roles and responsibilities in relation to privacy and personal data protection
The following table contains details of the web sites related to CVFDesign.


CVFDesign as data controller with regard to the processing of personal data for marketing and promotional purposes, has responsibility during the collection and subsequent use of the personal data and, determines:
• how the data will be stored
• who may access the information in the single database present on the (Customer Relationship Management) platform
• what integrated marketing initiatives should be carried out.

3. Cookies
For information about the cookies present on the CVFDesign web site, see the Cookie Policy: COOKIES

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. This includes cookies from third party social media websites and third party plugins. Such third party cookies may track your use of the CVFDesign website. We and our partners also use cookies to ensure we show you advertising that is relevant to you. If you continue without changing your settings, we’ll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on the CVFDesign websites.

4. Type of data processed and purposes of processing
The web site contains content which is sometimes interactive. During navigation of the site, information/data relating to the visitor may be acquired, as follows:
• Navigation data
The information systems and software used to operate this web site acquire, during their normal activities, certain personal data whose transition is implicit in the use of Internet communication protocols.
This category of data includes: IP addresses, the type of browser used, the operating system, the domain name and web site addresses from which access or exit was performed, information on pages visited by users within the site, the time of access, time spent on each page, analysis of internal route of navigation and other parameters relating to the operating system and IT environment of the user.
This technical/IT data is collected and used exclusively on an aggregated and anonymous basis and could not be used to ascertain responsibility in the case of possible cyber offences damaging to the site.
• Data provided voluntarily by the visitor
This is the personal data provided voluntarily by the visitor to the site e.g. in order to register and/or access a reserved area, use a form to request information about a specific product or service, write an email address or phone (in VoIP mode) a toll-free number to contact customer service directly.
In some cases, this information may be used for user profiling purposes. Where this occurs, an appropriate information notice will be provided and specific, voluntary consent to data processing for marketing and/or profiling purposes will be obtained.

5. Methods of data processing
Personal data processing is mainly performed using electronic procedures and supports (DB, CRM platforms, etc) for the time strictly necessary to achieve the purposes for which the data was collected.

6. Redirect towards external sites
The web site may use social plug-ins. Social plug-ins are special tools which make it possible to incorporate social network functions directly inside the web site (e.g. the Facebook “Like” function). When a visitor accesses our site and interacts with a plug-in (e.g. clicking “Like”) or decides to leave a comment, the corresponding information is transmitted by the browser directly to the social network platform (in this case, Facebook) and memorised by it.
For information about the purposes, the type and methods of personal data collection, elaboration, utilisation and storage by the social network platform and for details of how to exercise your rights, please consult the privacy policy of the relevant social network.

7. Links to/from third party sites
From this web site, it is possible to use specific links to go to other web sites and third parties.
The web site owner does not accept any responsibility in relation to possible personal data processing by third party sites or in relation to the handling of authentication credentials provided by third parties that are not CVFDesign (the website)

8. Rights of data subjects
The EU individuals to which the personal data relates (the “data subjects”), as processed via this web site, are entitled to find out which of their personal data is in possession of CVFDesign, why it was collected, how it has been elaborated and also to obtain an extraction of the data and, if interested, to have the data updated, amended or completed. If the law has been violated, data subjects may demand that the data be blocked, deleted or rendered anonymous.

9. Amendments to the policy
This policy governs the methods of processing of personal data provided by visitors when navigating the web site. The possible introduction of new laws and regulations in the sector, along with the constant review and updating of user services, could lead to the need to amend the policy. It is, therefore, possible that our policy might be updated and, accordingly, we invite the visitor to consult this page from time to time.
Any significant changes to the Privacy Policy shall be published in a specific notice on the web site.

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